Wedding Invitations

Make sure that you send a wedding invitation that is elegant, classy and unforgettable. You are announcing a very important day to your family and friends. Your wedding invitations will give a peek of your wedding style to your guests on your wedding. Set the scene for the wedding celebration- Casual or formal? Fun in the sea or fur in the barn? 

Don’t know where to start? Start by discussing your budget. Then choosing your wedding style or wedding theme then choose your color motif. Then you can start shopping for your wedding invitationsThe Roche Shop has an array of wedding invitations to cater to any bride‘s taste. You can choose from a variety of paper types, textures, shades, fonts, that suit your preferences. All styles, all designs, all moods, all Roche…..formal, casual, swanky metallic or swanky-ish and affordable :)  Order your wedding invitation suite, or create your own and shop individually from The Wedding Shop :)

To create your perfect wedding invitations suite, order here.


– who’s hosting the wedding
(or not)

– name of the bride & groom
(make sure everyone knows that Mina’s full name is Wilhelmina Georgina!)

– date and time of wedding
(seriously!…and pls recheck after printing the invites.)

– location of wedding
(ex. Gazebo at Linkin Park)

– address of wedding
(address of Linkin Park)

– reception information
(If you have any- I hope you do!)

– dress code
(You don’t want one of your guests to be in formal attire in a beach ceremony!)

The Roche Shop specializes in the creation of elegant wedding invitations. You will love the selection of wedding invitations that we have available. Choosing our designs means choosing a wedding invitation that everyone is going to want to keep. Check out some of our wedding invitation designs……


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