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The Roche Shop has elegantly dissected the anatomy of the modern wedding invitation suite, for the newly engaged couple. A great article especially for first time brides and grooms :) Hey, but feel free to read even if it’s your second, or third time around! #NoJudging :) Explained in dainty detail, what is what, the Roche way, so you can finalize your complementing wedding stationery set with minimal confusion. The Roche Shop will help you design that perfect wedding invitation suite for the perfect couple, for your perfect wedding day. You don’t need all of these but it is just a guide on the snobbish wedding invitation suite jargon. I don’t really follow traditional- so if you still follow taking-an-official-picture-of-bride-and-groom-eating-a-cake tradition, you might want to Google another site after this :)  (hey, you do you!) If you want some funny wedding info though, read away! And share if you wish :)

Wedding Invitations – The wedding invitation is the most important card and is essential to let your  friends and family know about information of your wedding. Include key details like couples’ full name, host names or parents’ names (if applicable), date, day, time & location of  wedding ceremony and wedding reception, if there is any.   And no, DO NOT put gift registry info here. Not because it’s unethical, but it just doesn’t belong here. You can add other info here, like your wedding website, hashtag name, dress attire, etc. If you

Peacock Blue & Orange Watercolor Roses wedding invitations

are in a budget or using an online wedding invitation, you can insert RSVP info here. I recommend an RSVP Card or response card though.

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RSVP Cards or response card. Include a box for yes or no, and make sure you have spaces for guests’ names. You need this to know from which guest this response card is coming from in order to know which guests are arriving. Make sure you know who is single or not-  or if uncle Mike like blondes. This will help you be a better matchmaker in creating the seating chart :)  Make sure you indicate the deadline on when to respond by- so you have a lot of time to make the seating chart, esp. if you are planning a fancy one! You can also add meal preferences on here, if you don’t want to add another info card. That is, if you only have 2 -3 meal options. Now if your guests are a bunch of picky eating vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians,  paleo or keto dieters, & people allergic to water……then you better have a separate meal preference card. Don’t forget to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or you might never get a response back :)

Information Cards – It can be any of the below- or all info of the below.

Direction Cards – A direction card an elegant piece of paper with directions to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception locations. Direction cards may also have an elegantly printed map, if you wish. Some are as simple as Google maps, and some are as fancy as Queen Elizabeth, wi! (of course, pls match them with your wedding invites) Some print on lightweight paper and some, use same thick paper and matching design as their wedding invites. It’s all depending on your budget. This will help guests without GPS or smartphones or men who are

Accommodation Cards – An accommodation card is very important, especially if you’re having out-of-town guests or a destination wedding. Pls. be straight-forward and let guests know if you are paying for their accommodations or not. If not, accommodation cards will be very helpful for your guests. Include the name of the hotel available nearby and/or hotels you have booked with group discounts with. Don’t forget to list the special group code for your guests to get that discount. Include in your accommodation card, the deadline for making that discounted reservation.

Wedding Registry Cards – Gift registry information should never be printed on the wedding invitation. That’s when a registry card comes in handy! A registry card is a formal and a tasteful way of letting your guests know where to get the gifts you want, or where you are registered. Some think it is unethical but I believe it is important because while some of your a$$hole friends will just come for food & wine, most will bring gifts. Registry cards actually not only helps you, but also your guests, registry cards will save them time shopping and also, they don’t have to ask you for what you need. It’s a win-win :) Check out for a universal gift registry page!

Inner Envelopes –  The inner envelope of your wedding invitations are optional. You can use the fancy, lacey, polka dotted or colored inner envelopes if you don’t want Johnny, the USPS postal worker to mark on them and get them torn or crumpled. These are informal envelopes that elegantly clutches the wedding invitation ensemble together. Traditionally, the inner envelope shows the guests’

wedding envelopes

last names – Mr. and Mrs. so and so – you need to read the formal addressing of guests’ names if you are boring the type who follows tradition. I personally don’t :) I say put first names or nicknames, depending how close you are to the guests. This inner envelope a great way to indicate who are included in the guest list- and if all of your friend’s 6 children are welcome to your wedding :)  These inner envelopes are what your guests will keep as a souvenir…..maybe forever? Or might go straight to the trash…..again, it all depends on how close you are :)


Outer Envelopes – The outer envelopes of your wedding invitations are the more informal white envelopes. These are extra layer of protection for your expensive wedding invitation suite. Traditionally, these outer envelopes show titles and full names of your beloved guests.  – Doctor and Mrs. so and so and family- again, you need to read the formal addressing of guests’ names if you are boring the type who follows tradition.

Make sure you spell names correctly and for couples, know which spouse comes first, or which wife # is coming…..or you will be in trouble! I’m kidding :) If your wedding invitation ensemble did not come with an inner envelope, you will want to specifically state who is invited to the wedding on the outer envelope. And of course, the outer envelopes need to show the accurate address of your guests! If not, they may never come :) There are some rules in writing addresses on the outer envelope. Like writing the whole “Street,” “Boulevard,” “Avenue,” words – and state names-  in FULL. Really???? IKR. LOL. I say it’s all BS. I officially declare it does NOT mattr. U just make sure all nos. &  st.  spelling R correct. OK? *wink* *wink*




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Ready to order?

The Roche Shop has an array of wedding invitations set design and style to cater to any bride‘s taste. All styles, all designs, all moods, all Roche…..formal, casual, swanky or swanky-ish and affordable :) Order your wedding invitations suite here, or mix and match and create your own style.

Psssst…….Don’t forget your matching thank you cards!


Reply October 20, 2015

Hi just wondering how much for the blush pink and gold wedding set with the gold doyley liner including - invite, RSVP and wishing well. Approx 60 invites and postage to Australia.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, Erin.

    the roche shop
    Reply October 22, 2015

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for shopping by!

    It will be $ 7.50 each - 5.5x8.5" Wedding Invitation + 5.5x4.25" RSVP card + 5.5x4.25" Wishing card.
    Wedding envelope with gold doily liners, all cardstock, including envelopes are of 120# cotton paper.

    Price can go down and if you order without the doily liners, it can go down to $5.50 each.

    Postage to AU is $65.


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