Wedding Invitation Etiquette


Wedding invitations are important for your wedding planning because it shows important information for your guest. Modern-day invites are now very creative and artsy but no matter how elegant and fancy it is, the main aim is still giving out the accurate information. Very crucial info are the date, the day, the time and the location of the wedding and the reception, if any.

Invites now come with RSVP cards which are also very important for wedding planning. This will take out you (or your wedding planner’s) guesswork and you can finish and beautify your seat chart. Of course, this will help you realize how much money you will have to spend for reception catering :)

Wedding invitations go out no minimum than 2 months before the wedding. You can go beyond that but some guest might have busy schedules. They need extra time to commit and plan, especially if it’s a destination wedding.

You need to date your Wedding RSVPs about 2 weeks before the wedding.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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