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party favors
party favors

Party Favors

Party favors to keep forever. Give your guests a party to remember with the most stylish party favors from The Roche Shop! We’ve partnered with Beau-Coup.com for the best favors online. From unique party favors, to practical party favors…..from personalized party favors to bulk party favors….from drinkware party favors to bath and beauty party favors….we even have wine and beer party favors and the guests’ favorite: edible party favors. We have a matching party favor for your party! Make it memorable with The Roche Shop party favors and Beau-Coup.com.

Personalized Party Favors

personalized party favors

Drinkware Party Favors

drinkware party favors

Practical - Party Favors

practical party favors

Candle Party Favors

candle party favors

Fan Party Favors

fan party favors

Coaster Party Favors

coasters party favors

Soap Party Favors

soap party favors

Beauty Party Favors

beauty party favors

Mirror Party Favors

mirror party favors

Magnet Party Favors

magnet party favors

Bubbles Party Favors

bubbles party favors

Keychain Party Favors

keychain party favors

Kitchen and Baking Party Favors

kitchen party favors

Wine Bottle Stopper Party Favors

wine bottle stopper party favors

Bottle Opener Party Favors

bottle opener party favors

Wine Themed Party Favors

wine themed party favors

Beer Themed Party Favors

beer themed party favors

Water Bottle Party Favors

Water Bottle Party Favors

Eco-Friendly Party Favors

eco-friendly party favors

Vintage-Inspired Party Favors

vintage inspired party favors

Asian-Inspired Party Favors

asian inspired party favors

Garden Themed Party Favors

flower topiary garden party favors

Beach Themed Party Favors

beach themed party favors

Travel Themed Party Favors

travel theme party favors

edible party favors

Candy Party Favors

candy party favors

Mint Party Favors

mint party favors

Chocolate Favors

chocolate party favors

Mini Cake Party Favors

Mini Cake Party Favors

Cookie Party Favors

cookie party favors

Oreo Party Favors

oreo party favors

Tea Party Favors

tea party favors

Coffee Party Favors

coffee favors

Cake Pop Party Favors

cake pop party favors

All Edible Party Favors

edible party favors

Don't forget your Favor Boxes!

We have all kinds of favor packaging in all styles, shapes, colors and materials to package your special party favors.

solid color favor boxes

Don't forget your party favor packaging!

We have all kinds of favor packaging in all styles, shapes, colors and materials to package your special party favors.

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beauty party favors

Give the most stylish favors from The Roche Shop party favors! We’ve partnered with Beau-Coup.com for the most unique favors online. From practical party favors to personalized party favors to bath and beauty party favors….We even have drinkware party favors plus wine and beer party favors. Get ready to remember your memorable party by giving away a party favor from The Roche Shop!

Give a party favor that will last forever.

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Roche Shop party favors are a must-have! I ordered the personalized wine glasses and they are beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for. Can’t wait for my wedding guests to get them! Thanks Roche!

Roberta S.