Stylish Face Masks for CoronaVirus Times

Stylish face masks for the non-essentials. Face masks don’t need to look medical & boring- here’s our list for the fashionable ones!……… You’re welcome :)



Stay at home- but if you need to strut some style, do so with this sequin mask….

Sequin masks meant for super intimate wedding or bridal events! You can use these elegant masks to go do your luxury shopping too. #NoJudging. This sequin mask has 65% effectiveness. Not bad eh! Sequin masks handmade by Katie May.

Blush lace masks in intricate lacey layers. Bridal masks – Another Katie May face mask.

Beautiful lace masks – triple layer face mask w/ stunning ivory Chantilly lace & trim. Lace mask by Katie May.

Tulle masks in ivory for intimate wedding/bridal events! Bridal masks handmade by Katie May.

Black sequin mask , another one from wedding designer- Katie May. Face mask for virtual night parties????

Katie May masks also come in stylish kids masks versions! These Kids’ mini masks are so cute! Kids’ mini masks by Katie May.

Chic face masks made of cotton blend for the chic ones. Masks crafted by Kandle Kingdom.

Etsy boasts of unique face masks sellers, but this one takes the cake! Flutter Dresses shifted from dresses to face masks & still gave that beautiful bohemian vibe! This intricately handcrafted boho chic face mask is so stylish you can wear it on its own:) These boho chic masks are designed by the talented Marivel Espinoza from Flutter Dresses. More of her #FlutterMasks below. Check out her Flutter Bridal Dresses too!

This yellow boho chic face mask is designed by Flutter Dresses.

This smoky blue boho chic face mask is designed by Flutter Dresses.

This eye-catching blue boho chic face mask is perfect with your jeans. Again, mask is by Flutter Dresses.

This ecru lace face mask is designed by Flutter Dresses. This #FlutterMask is perfect for brides.

Golden lace mask for the elegant gal. This lace mask is made of an outer & inner layer of cotton fabric with a polypropylene filter in between- with nose clip & ear loops. Fashionable masks handmade by Anna Kiss / By Anna Kiss.

Mommy and me masks for the stylish duo. These mod chic mommy and me face masks are washable and reusable. Masks designed by Miss Mimi by Miss Miminoo. Check out designs for daddy!

Pretty floral mask for the flower lover. This floral mask is made of viscose & the inner lining is cotton.
There’s a filter insert & what I love about this mask is that there’s a nasal bar/wire just like a surgical mask!
This pretty floral mask by Slow Made Creations.

This linen face masks in different colors have pocket for filters. Sewn by Wedding Rose Studio.

Love, love, love these unique linen face masks in earthy shades by Zakka Studio. (These are my favorites and they are in my Etsy cart right now BUT…..) I wish there were filter pockets – though the fabric is super thick & the linen face mask‘s quality is outstanding.

This denim mask is so cool! This unique mask is made of washable, reusable soft denim. Denim mask designed by Covrd Twenty.

This super comfy poly cotton mask are washable w/ 4 replaceable carbon filters included & adjustable elastic ear strap. Face mask sold by Inspire Mask @ Amazon. Comes in other colors.

Block the virus with this color block face mask designed by Taylor Jay Collection. Love the whole polka dot ensemble? Checkout the top & skirt too, by Taylor Jay :)

These shabby chic masks not only has 4 layers of gorgeousness, but has a hepa filter included! These shabby chic face masks are real Southern charmers! Face masks handmade by Ivy and Hive. Order your mask now! Long queue ahead of you :)

WOW. This bold floral face mask is mesmerizing and breath-taking! This floral face mask has a removable filter & washable. Masks designed by Distinctly Beautiful. Distinctly beautiful indeed :)

Blooming flower mask handmade by Stich To Stich Crafts.

Chic face masks for the chicest of chics. These washable face masks are sewn by Sewing Sisi.

These are the most breathable, most comfortable face masks in the cruel Covid world! These cotton masks have no filter though but have raving reviews, esp. if you’re a mask hater! Cotton face masks designed by Good Day Masks. Available in tons of colors & designs.

Stripe face masks by Googoa Clothing. This linen face mask has pocket for filter.

Cotton face masks with modern & vibrant designs for adults & kids. Handmade with love by Lola and Stella.

Standout with this zebra print face mask – uniquely handmade by Little Boats Designs.

Unique animal print face masks for the more daring ones. These double layered animal print face masks are extremely soft & comfy but has no filter pockets. Animal print face masks handmade in Los Angeles by Yzabel Studio.

The fun bandana face masks with cool designs from where else?…… Amazon.
No filter pocket. Not sure if you can fold in such a way that you can insert one.

Just when you think you’ve seen all the fabrics for stylish masks-here’s leather face masks for the coolest of the dudes! These leather face masks are designed to have an insert for a filter. A unique leather face mask handmade idea by Liberty Leather Wares.
*insert clapping hands emoji here*

Don't forget your filter!

Most of these mask do NOT come with filter. Buy your Hepa filter cloth used in vacuums. HEPA media filtration captures 99.97% of dust particles, pollen, bacteria and more, as small as 0.3 micron. This is the next best thing to surgical mask.

Shop Filters

When you just need a no fuzz, standard medical mask or surgical mask. Buy it HERE.


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