Save The Date Cards

Save the date cards have recently become a very important part of the initial wedding announcement process. Not only does it show your choice of paperie style, introduce your wedding theme, (…..and man! if you’re using an engagement photo) but this is your casual announcement of your wedding date and venue. Some couples skip the sending engagement announcement cards and go straight to save the date cards. This makes sense, budget-wise, or just in case you have a long engagement and you aren’t sure it will work out :)…… I’m kidding.

Save the date cards not only announces of your wedding date, but also alerts the recipient/s that they are invited so they can…uhm…save the date & they are indeed on the guest list. This has become a must-have in today’s wedding times as modern families & friends have hectic lives & have gotten more geographically dispersed. You want your Lola (Grandma) to book that tiny boat from that remote island from the Philippines (that only sails once every 6 months) to book ahead of time.



The save the date card serves as a perfect, informal way to reveal the date of the wedding. Pls. have an exact date and a general location of your wedding at this time. The save the dates is sent a few months before the official wedding invitation and it states the date and requests the guest/recipient to remember and reserve your wedding date. So yes, you need that wedding date finalized when you send save-the-date cards! Specific address, not so much. Unless you have a destination wedding! If you don’t have the venue booked yet, at least finalize the city, esp. the country! You don’t want them to book an early-bird discounted flight to exotic Bali, when your wedding is finally planned in Bora Bora :)

Save the date cards have evolved into getting to be not only more stylish, but more attractive & more creative, so people will hang it somewhere or keep it in a place that will remind them of the wedding. From boring to shiny golds, from cards to magnets, from paper to fans, drink coasters, shirts & anything you can think of!

At The Roche Shop, we have a large selection of pretty and crafty save the date cards that will provide the perfect announcement for that special wedding day. We even have funny save the dates!

So make your mark, make an unforgettable impression, and order your save the date cards now!


Reply September 23, 2015

Love the muted colors! Can this be a wedding invitation?


    Reply February 28, 2016

    Love this!

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