Painted Mason Jars

Painted mason jars have become a staple rustic chic wedding decoration. These mason jar decorations that have a simplistic look can add a very shabby yet elegant feel to your wedding. These painted mason jars have become a very popular choice for rustic chic weddings but it compliments any wedding style or wedding theme.

No time to make your own?

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Mason jars are cheap but coat them with your choice of paint and they become a classy, stylish décor! Painted mason jars give a dash of unexpected magic to a blah wedding. Gloss them to give an elegant touch or use metallic paint for a more regal look and

shimmery shine. Finish them off with some dainty distressing, and you got a very sophisticated shabby chic mason jar wedding decoration! Some add glitter to add more pizzazz! There are countless ways to dress them up or dress them down. Your choice is your happy decorative ending :)

painted mason jars

Painted mason jars are used are flower vasescenterpieces, party favor jars, container jars or just decorative jars. Some don’t paint them and use the mason jars as the beverage holders.

The Roche Shop has a large selection of painted mason jars and we can customize them for your wedding too.

No time to make your own? Order your painted mason jars HERE.

Trip down memory lane :) Remember when robin egg blue was the unofficial rustic wedding color of the year, after year, after year?  The very first mason jars I ever painted & distressed….and used for product photography for The Roche Shop‘s Etsy shop :) These best-selling robin egg blue mason jars images went viral on Pinterest for painted mason jars & wedding mason jars :) Now pin the images and keep making them viral :)

No time to make your own?
Order your painted mason jars HERE.

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