Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Etsy mother's day gift guide

We’re starting off our Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a floral bang! A beautiful gift for the boho chic mom, a Mother’s Day wreath adorned with felt roses & leaves. Perfect for your mom‘s home décor, rose wreath is handcrafted by Felt Bloom Emporium.

Etsy mother’s day gift guide. When you need that unique, one-of-a-kind mother’s day gift for the chicest woman of your life… place to shop but Etsy mother’s day gifts! Etsy‘s got fabulous vintage & handcrafted mother’s day gifts from rustic cheap to expensive chic :) Get the mother’s day gifts you need for your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, sister, wife, and all other mothers in your life! Everyone loves an Etsy mother’s day gift! We have chosen the best ones and created this Etsy mother’s day gift guide for the confused Etsy shoppers. Read our mother’s day gift guide below.

flower power

Flowers for flowers-loving moms. Mothers are strong and tough, but give them flowers and their hearts soften. But wait!…..we are doing it the Etsy way- real flowers die…faux flowers are like diamonds….They are forever :)  Etsy Mother’s Day has the most beautiful handcrafted flowers online.

mother's day flower arrangement

Give your mother a gift of flowers that transforms into a chic floral decor after Mother’s Day! This is a simple, yet beautiful flower arrangement by Lorraine’s Cottage.

mothers day succulents

If your mother is into succulents, this succulent arrangement is as beautiful as flowers. Created by I Dream Of Succulents.

mothers day flower arrangement

Now this is gorgeous! A bowl filled with a beautiful mixture of gorgeous faux flowers and succulents! A flower arrangement by All The Lovely Things Co.

mothers day wall art

If you can’t buy fresh flowers, give a canvas painting of flowers instead for Mother’s Day ! It’s called “Springtime Bloom,” original oil pastel painting by Kimberly Presley Arts.

mother's day succulent tea cup

for the sentimental moms

Add some beautiful vintage scrapbook papers and she is good to go! From Random Paper Etc.

mothers day scrapbook paper

travelling journal- for writing and drawing, by Schafer Art Studio.

mother's day travel journal

custom portrait is a perfect mother’s day gift. Drawn by Levy’s Friends. Wrinkles may or may not be included :)

mothers day custom portrait
mother's day planner gift

A personalized planner or journal for your Gossip Girl blogger mom :) Journal highlighted by watercolor flowers & accented with metallic rose gold, is sold by Paper Peach Shop. XOXO.

mothers day pen

Believe it or not, these are pretty little pens! This is the classier version from germ-infected flower pens you see in the hospital reception area :) Give your mom one or buy a bunch and give as a flower pen bouquet! Designed by Flora Sublime.

mother's day gift

Saying “I love you, Mom!” is the greatest mother’s day gift. “Love You, Mom” etched on pears, made of clay. Sculpted from the garden studio of Skye Art.

It is NOT advisable to put message on edible cupcakes, cookies or cakes because they will be gone within 30 minutes :)


While some moms like the game, some want the real thing. If your mom like to show off, give her jewelry on Mother’s Day!
Below is an eye-catching rose-cut garnet ring, perfect for mothers who love purple! Ring handcrafted by Studio Ninety Four.
Purple power or Prince lover…..get it from our Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide.

mother's day garnet ring copy

mother's day rose quartz necklace copy

Make mum blush with this Rose quartz necklace in the softest shade of pink! This crystal beauty is handmade by Tymatik.

mothers day charm bracelet

A vibrant charm bracelet for mom, handcrafted by Palomaria.

mother's day clover necklace copy

Mother of Pearl necklace with a gorgeous iridescent shine. This clover necklace is handmade by Our Whole Heart.

mothers day mother & daughter bracelet

the fashionista mom

Ditch the Chanel bags, Miu Miu purses or the Prada wallets! The new “IT” bags are at Etsy :)
Give your mum a more unique – and affordable item to carry! And nothing shows style & fashion more than being Etsy chic!

mother's day handcrafted flower bag

This is the “IT” bag for the uber hip mom! This boho chic vintage crochet bag is decorated with vibrant flowers. It’s a 2-in-1 gift! Give this and save on buying her flowers :) Make your mom hip hop with this handcrafted flower bag by Your Special Gift.

mother's day wallet

For the organized mom! A floral wallet clutch for all her essentials. Looks Diane von Furstenberg-ish, but it’s designed by Jacaranda Handmade.

mothers day rose bag

“The devil wears Poklazha.” For the fashion snob mom. High-end Italian leather purse designed w/ Czhech beads embroidery. Handmade by Poklazha.

mother's day market tote bag

An Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide for mothers who love to shop! Make her drop with this beautiful burlap tote bag, a Mother’s Day gift designed by Sassy Stitches by Lori. PS- isn’t this much better than a $2000 Balenciaga tote bag????

the shabby chic mom

mothers day mason jar vase

These are the most unique & most beautiful painted mason jars I have ever seen! Shabby chic kitchen canisters or flower vase in pretty pastels. Painted & distressed by Beach Blues.

mother's day gift - clock

decoupage floral clock, made by M Kendra Handmade. A stylish way to know she is late picking you up in school :)

mother's day shabby chic teapot
mother's day flower pot

Decoupage terracotta planters from Forever Decoupage. Give her motivation to keep a plant alive for at least 1 week :)

mothers day burlap pillow

for modern moms & their modern home

mother's day terrarium copy

A copper modern terrariumdodecahedron for your mom‘s ultra chic modern home! Use this geometric terrarium as a planter, vase or candle holder. Handcrafted by Studio- The Glass Garden.

mother's day framed art

Modern poster/print, unframed. Brownie points if you have an optometrist mom! :) Designed by Dalloway Place.

mother's day vase gift

Modern color block vases for the decorative mom! Natural wooden vases with pastel stripes perfect for her home. Created by Shade on Shape.

mother's day gift home decor

For moms who are lazy who don’t have a green thumb. Here’s a no-maintenance, no-mess succulent! Handcrafted succulent sculpture by Waterstone Succulents.

mother's day rug

Please remove your shoesdoor mat, for the germophobic mom! :) Shop more options from Sweet JJ Designs.

mother's day pillow

Make your mom think of you always with this pillow. Shop more options from Sweet Hooligans Designs.

mother's day mirror

Rustic chic mirror for her bathroom from Lane of Lenor. (she will think of you every time she goes to the loo! :)  )

for the marathoners

Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide for moms who loves to run marathons, Netflix style :) Perfect Mothers Day gifts for chillaxing on busy weekday nights and lazy weekend days.  From “Keeping up with The Kardashians” to “Walking Dead.”

mother's day blanket copy

For moms who like anything big :) Chunky knit throws and wool blankets from Wool Hugs.

for wine lovers

Mothers Day gift ideas for wine drinkers, no matter what the reason is. #NoJudging :)

PS – Cheers to the mom who has 4 kids or more!

this might be wine mug

This might be winecoffee mug. For Mums who are proud coffee lovers and discreet wine drinkers.
Designed & sold by….*drum rolls for suspense*…..The Roche Shop :)

mothers day custom wine gift copy

Who knows tipsy can still be chic? Wine lovers will love this custom wine glass and monogram wine bottle by Chic Monogram.

mothers day mama juice wine glass

Mama Juice” funny wine glass. Again, we don’t judge here :) Designed & sold by With Love and Luxe.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse The Etsy Mother’s Day gifts page for more gift ideas for mom!

Can't find what you're looking for???

Then go straight to the Mother Ship! :) Browse The Etsy Mother’s Day gifts page for more gift ideas for mom!

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We hope you enjoyed reading The Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide by The Roche Shop. The Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide gifts or gift ideas for the Etsy mom and a gift guide for the Etsy shopper! More of Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide from the Etsy Mother’s Day gifts page! Visit The Etsy Mother’s Day gift guide on Etsy now!

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