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etsy gift guide - handcrafted ball ornament

Christmas ball ornaments for the ones who love……..Christmas ball ornaments :) See more bright colors from Silver Owl Studio.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide is your solution for your Christmas shopping dilemma……Every year, it’s always a sweater for Auntie Anne, always a shirt for cousin Vinny, always an Apple accessory for your sister, and always a gift card for the teens.

Well, this year, try to change it and give something different for everyone! No- we are not getting your sister some Android stuff instead- we will spice it up a bit by shopping at Etsy! There you can find the most unique gifts for the most unique people in your life, made by the most unique artists from around the world!

Here’s the Etsy Holiday Gift Guide– curated by The Roche Shop.

for the joyful ones

Let’s start the Etsy Holiday Gift Guide for the people who are in love with the holidays, the ones who can’t wait for Christmas or the ones who love the season so much they don’t take down their Christmas décor up until Easter!

Give them a Christmas wreath they will surely use every year! This fabulous vibrant wreath is from JN Holiday Designs.

Another kind of wreath so unique- doors will never look the same again with this monogram wreath from Ever Blooming Original

Brighten up their holidays with creative Christmas candles. Intricately designed and handpainted by Less Candles .

for the givers

Christmas stockings for the stocking stuffer-ers!  For the moms who make Christmases merrier! A gift to make them keep on giving. Colorful in stripes, customize with your initial or your name. Order the biggest possible! You know you want that :) Sewn with love from Good Wishes Quilts.

for the hostess

etsy-gift-guide-christmas napkins
Christmas napkin
set – for that classy hostess. Carefully handmade from the highest quality Lithuanian linen.
Sold by Cozy Linen.

For the whimsical wine-loving couple, these unique mystical wine glasses will be perfect. A masterpiece from the shop of Heathers Wilde.

For the drinker…….of anything! These monogram damask coasters are gorgeous. Made by Up Yonder Designs.

For the hostess who gives big parties. This Christmas platter (or for chips n dips) is intricately handcrafted by Cat’s Paw Pottery.

For the Baker

There are tons of them. You know…..the bakers in your life. You friend, your sister, your cousin, your mother-in-law, your son’s friend’s mom’s sister……. They all bake! They smell of cake and breath cookies. Stop giving them baking utensils, this year give them something to display their masterpiece on- give them a cake stand.

Shop more handcrafted cake stands from The Roche Studio.

for the decorator

For your super creative friend who lives in a shabby chic cottage, and who loves to redecorate every season. Give her these gorgeous mason jar table centerpiece by God, Girls and Glitter to complement her Holiday décor.

For the gardener

For the hostess who has a green thumb. The one who has a garden bigger than their house or the one whose house looks like a jungle inside :) This succulent centerpiece is beautiful, freshly planted by Rooted in Succulents.

for the busy moms

Vintage style frame with chalkboard for an elegant reminder or memo board. Made by Shugabee Lane.

for the diy-er

For the craftsy who paints anything & everything! Handmade chalkboard paint by Urban Oasis Décor.

for the bold one

These stunning sequin monogram decor will add sparkle in your home. By Laurel Lane Accessories.

for the foodie

Let them eat cake….pops! Christmas cake pops to satisfy the discerning foodie in the family. Sweet and scrolled, perfect for the cake pop snob. Freshly baked from The Mad Platter Kitchen.

For the writer

For the organizer

For the Stylish Mom

I don’t know about you but my mom is super stylish- she wears chunky bright jewelries and red high heels even at 65!  This eye-catching chalcopyrite necklace, also known as Peacock Ore or Bornite is breath-taking! Perfect for the most special woman in your life.

Shop for more from IsamarML Isamar’s Jewelry Designs.

For the hunter

For that uncle who lives in the South who now lives in the North. Give him this elegant animal sculpture so he does not miss the ambience back home :) The Wall Charmers™ Antelope faux taxidermy is exotic (and scary for some!) but has a modern touch.

Shop for more wall décor from Wall Charmers.

For the traveler

This is for your friend who loves to travel the world. This one of a kind globe is illustrated with beautiful watercolor flowers and hand-lettered calligraphy. Customized with your favorite color and chosen words.

Custom globe designed by Collectivity Lane.

For the frozen one

The cozy wool scarf for your stylish friend who always turns on the heater while you sweat like a pig :) This infinity scarf is the chunkiest of the chunkiest,  it will make you feel warm and cozy during the winter season.

Choose your favorite color at The Woolly Garment.

Love these colors! Shop more  chunky infinity scarves from Yarn is Land.

For the risk taker

Amazingly beautiful painted shoes! But this is for the chosen few. Not everyone can pull this off. This is for the fashion risk takers, the brave ones…..for that girl with a dragon tattoo :)

More one-of-a-kind painted shoes at Kezbirdie.

For the hippies

This intricately detailed bohemian scarf from Shovava is absolutely stunning! This is for your hippie friends- no, not the baby boomers- the free-spirited ones. The cool ones.

For the yogis

These are for the flexible ones. These leggings  are for those who spend hours rolling around on the floor or doing awkward stunts on the yoga mat. Another stunning design from Shovava.

For the groovy one

For your favorite gay friend who is more fashionable than you! This colorful silk tie intricately hand painted by Akwiinas is perfect for him/her.

For your neighbor

Because every time you hang out at your neighbor’s house, it’s always freezing cold. Give them these chunky knit throw blankets, handmade by Broadwick Fibers.

For the special one

The Personalized Cuff Bracelet is for that special women in your life- wife, girlfriend or mother. Available in 14kt Gold-filled Rose Gold-filled, or Sterling Silver. More jewelry choices from Blushes and Gold.

Etsy holiday gift guide

For the teacher

For your child’s teacher, your piano teacher, your mahjong teacher, etc. Painted red mason jars are great practical gifts. Don’t forget to add some goodies inside! Shop more painted mason jars at Kelly’s Creative Outlet.

For the perfectionist

For the perfectionist or your friend who has OCD. This Christmas pajama collection is for that picky friend who wants everything to match! You know you have one of those person in your life. If you don’t- watch for that friend who matches her bag with her belt, shoes, watch, wallet and phone case. Give her these.

Kidding aside, these are for everybody! Great for Christmas morning when opening presents!

Personalized pieces just for Christmas by Oyster Bay Embroidery . Dog not included.

For the glamorous one

This super elegant poncho is for your uber glamorous friend who still wants to be stylish even during a storm. You know, the ones who are all glammed up even when just going to the dirty fish market. (no Mom, this is not about you…I promise :)  )

This 100% handmade poncho made of wool and acrylic will surely not protect her from the rain, but will guarantee to still make her stand out from the wet crowd. Beautifully made, amazing “handcraftmanship.”

Choose your favorite color at Knitwear Factory.

For the fashionista

Ahhh……fashionistas are hard to shop for. But Etsy has the most unique fashion accessories for her.

You can not find these in the stores! Wool stripes leg warmers or knee high socks,  or fashionable boot socks handmade by GXJ Socks.

These are “branded” bags :) Monogram handbag from Stacy’s Place.

Fashion gloves for the ruffle lovers. Fingerless gloves from Hirasu Accessories.

Even the diva can wash dishes with these! Golden nails from So Gloss Nail Wraps.

for the mischievous one

etsy-gift-guide-pixie knit hatGive a fun, winter gift to the playful teen with this whimsical knitted pixie hat.
Handmade by Pixie Bell.

for the teenagers

for the men in your life

For the tall , dark and hopefully handsome people in your life. Etsy is not only for women. Etsy has the most unique gifts for your husband, dad, in-laws, brother, etc.

For the carpenter

For the wood-workers in your life- your husband, your dad, your-father-in-law, your grandfather. They all know woodworking but they won’t know how to make a wooden watch.

Handcrafted by Dreamy Wood Watch.

For the accountant

For the brewer

Design his own beer bottle labels from Liquid Courage.

for the cave man

Let there be light in your man’s man cave! Men don’t like décor but this is an exception. It’s so unique and well-crafted, he might actually let you stay in his private hideaway :)

More letters and custom signage at Elemental Arthouse.

for the adventurer

For the kids who have everything! Admit it. You have giving your child all the toys made by man! If you’re tired of giving your children toys for Christmas, then give them these children’s play tents! They will surely ignore santa’s bike as these tents are just adorable and perfect for the kids’ playtime at home. The tents are so elegant you can put them in your living room!

Choose your fabric and shop now at Ashley Gabby‘s store.

For the boy next door

For the uptown girl

for the animal lover

You don’t have to love Madagascar movies to love these! Make the kids’ room a colorful zoo with these  fun papercraft animals as a wall décor. Choose an animal or create your own herd. Handmade by Paperwolf’s Shop.

for the awesome one

This is a great gift for the Lego lovers! (and for the moms who get crazy with Lego pieces on the floor!) Personalized Lego base plates or Lego trays. Everything is awesome from Freestyle Mom!

for the sleep-deprived

For the new mothers who are celebrating Christmas with their new babies for the first time! Let’s make their Holi-days joyful as their holi-nights are not :) Here are some baby must-haves in polka dots and gold. Let them feel elegant amidst feeding and diaper changes!

for the artsy one

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide will not forget about the crafters! The ones who always have a Michael’s coupon in her crocheted purse. You have that creative friend who spends her nights and weekend “doing something.” (you think she’s wasting her time but she’s actually making money off Etsy! ) Buy her the material she always use- in ALL colors! She will love you for that.

For the grannies who crochet. All the colors in the pantone world will make your granny rock and roll :) Yarns from CrochetObjet.

For your friend who makes her own jewelry…..give her sparkling vintage beads & rhinestones from House of Twinkle.

For your niece who loves to use beads. Get them in bulk and give her all the colors of wood cube beads from Hemp Beadery.

for everybody

If you prefer not to give a Christmas gift……or if your sister lives in Australia and shipping is way more than the gift price + custom fees combined, give a traditional  Christmas card instead :)

Shop invitations and cards from (cough, cough….shameless plug here) The Roche Shop.

If all things fail and there’s nothing in the Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, browse thousands more of handcrafted goodies and more gift choices at Etsy’s Holiday Hub and for sure you will find the perfect one! SHOP NOW.

END of Etsy Holiday Gift Guide