Etsy Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Elegant handcrafted gifts

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – a Christmas gift guide featuring elegant Christmas gifts from Etsy! People think Etsy chic is “handmade cheap” but Etsy has unique stylish gifts for the hard-to-please. So skip Christmas Shopping at Neiman Marcus & shop at Etsy! If you’re looking for unique elegant gifts, this blog‘s for you! ……..You’re welcome :)

chunky knit blanket

The Roche Shop‘s Etsy Holiday Gift Guide 2018 starts with a  huge, chunky bang! First on the list is from one of my favorite Etsy stores- Wool Hugs. This chunky blanket craze actually started right here! Now you see copy cats everywhere and they’re not as chunky as these! Size matters, yah know :) Give some original chunky blanket warmth from Wool Hugs :)

Christmas ornament ball

Etsy has a lot of Christmas ornaments for sale but this says Etsy chic all the way! Crochet ornament ball for the elegant Christmas tree. This shatterproof ornament ball is unbreakable, perfect for families with kids :) Give some holiday decor with this crochet ornament ball from Soul Made Home.

Only from Etsy…..the most beautiful candles I’ve ever seen! A unique gift for the elegant recipient who loves decorative candles. Spread some Christmas love and light with these silver candles from Less Candles.

Christmas candles

This vintage-inspired gift is for the beautiful woman in your list. Reflect some Christmas spirit with these vintage style mirror from Painted Cottages.

rose quartz candle holder

Some girls need gold sequin hangers :) Just because. Gold sequined by Zoey Elisa.

gold sequin hangers

A gold bar soap for the Donald Trumps in your life. This gold bar soap replica is the work of art of Midori handmade Goods.

gold bar soap

Perfect for that friend who’s been married 2 times…..or more! LOL. A velvet ring box display! This octagon ring box is beautifully handmade by Voeu Du Coeur. Includes your choice of color & monogram (pls use the first name initial, just in case she gets married again….:)  )

velvet ring box
rose gold coasters

We all have that one diva friend….or wife :) ……who thinks she is the sh*t. Treat them like a diva queen she is with this dazzling crown decor by Sweet Lil Boutique.

crown decor

Stunning rose quartz platter handcrafted by Design Pretty.

rose quartz platter

Give some glitter sparkle to someone who needs some glitter sparkle in their life! Glitter jars for organizing small items. Large ones available. Jars are handmade by Sprinkled and Painted.

You wont find this anywhere else! Uniquely out of this world – the agate clock by Mod North & Co.

agate clock
sequin pillow

Girls love sequins and all that glitters! Give them elegant gifts like this custom sequin pillow to have and to hold. Sequin pillow handcrafted by Theo’s Lane.

silver christmas stockings

Uber elegant & shiny Christmas stockings even Santa’s elves would love! These Christmas stockings are embroidered, tasseled, beaded and all those silver blings! Handmade Christmas stockings by Eugenie from The Stocking Factory.

pocket watch

A heirloom-worthy sterling silver plated pocket watch from The Deer Creek House.

oil diffuser

A rhodium plated essential oil diffuser pendant with sterling silver necklace chain from Oil About You.

sterling silver necklace

A stunning sterling silver necklace that sparkles like Christmas– from South Paw Studios.

diamonds & jewelry

The ultimate Christmas gift to your wife- Diamonds! Sparkly jewelry in beautiful designs by Amouria Designs.

For your fashionista friend or fam. Only from Etsy…..the most luxurious clothing- real cayote fur vest! This real cayote fur vest has natural suede stripes to complete the ensemble. Give a fashionable Christmas love with this fur vest from Fur Forest Fox.

ps. Get ready to be boycotted by your fans. If you have any. Just kidding :)

fur vest
satin robe

There are lots of robes out there, but this satin robe from Etsy is the most luxurious robe there is! This satin & silk blend robe is made of splendid silver satin fabric with lace-embellished wide sleeves in a rich dark silver shine. The satin robe is handmade exclusively for you by Katana Femme.

whipped soap

Etsy boasts of unique soap sellers, but this one takes the cake! Handcrafted luxuriously whipped soap. Vegan and sulfate-free. Just add water :) This fragrant luxury whipped soap is by Vintage Static Soap.

original painting

For your artsy friend who loves large paintings. This bold original artwork by Ethan Hill Art.

vintage silver flatware

Elevate your dinner table with the most intricate antique sterling silver flatware. These Victoria-style silver flatware are sold by Neva Starr. Flatware sold in mix matched sets.

ornate tray

The most ornate tray you will find! This stunning Baroque-inspired vintage tray is silver-plated and engraved with intricate details. Silver tray is sold by Contessa’s Collection.


Decorate any table with this beautiful antique silver stainless steel candelabra. This vintage-inspired stainless steel candelabra is sold by Bubbly Creek.

teapot tray set

This antique silver teapot and tray set is for tea lovers. This timeless piece is for the elegant hostess with vintage taste. Teapot and tray set is sold by Hannah Kathryn Home Co.

cake stands

These majestic crystal cake stands are to die for! For your baker snob friends who love to bake buy cakes & desserts. Vintage-inspired cake stands from The Roche Studio :)

Only from Etsy……and you can’t get as unique and as glamorous than this! This faux fur table runner is a great  conversational piece over dinner. Not for the faint of heart :) Faux fur table runner is elegantly handmade by Farmhouse Fare.

fur table runner

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