ELLE DECOR Greek island Living Room Redesign by Roche

existing design

Roche Long's redesign

The views of this living room are amazing but I can’t say the same with the room. The existing design was lacking that beach chic vibe. No offense to the original interior designer :) I’m not really an Andy Warhol fan and even if this space is very casual I do think the wall art (and Queen Elizabeth…) is so out of place here….(maybe Meghan Markle perhaps??? :)  ) so I took it off! I chose a more fun, ocean-inspired wall prints instead. I believe Amazon ships to Greece???? The custom coffee table…. anything custom is expensive. I hope the owner did not pay an arm and a leg for this! This is way too simple and too common to be custom. It is just plain blah. I chose a rustic elegant wood-carved center coffee table that matches a rustic elegant Greek home. Very eye-catching, very affordable, very beach chic- yet still very casual though. I added some colorful decors, and replaced the modern hanging lamp with a more matching lamp for the casual chic room. The highlight is the dramatic wicker hanging chair- replacing their not-so-comfortable wood chairs that should me moved outdoors…..or to the trash :)

All items I chose for this Greek living room are from Amazon.

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