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engagement cup - i said yesImage courtesy of Kellie Miller via

If you’re a social media butterfly, these photo ideas are perfect for you! Don’t forget to buy (or create) your “I said Yesengagement announcement mug and don’t forget your new bling. Take a good photo and post on your personal page on facebook, twitter, and specially instagram….and just like that……your engagement announcement is viral!

Check out how to create your DIY engagement announcement mug (by Kellie Miller) from her Beau-Coup blog post.

engagement announcement coffee mug

Not a crafty bride-to-be? No problem!

We sell eye-catching engagement announcement coffee mugs – from “I said YES!” to “I’m engaged!” to anything you want to announce on a mug! Get ready with your shiny thingy, a vibrant shirt and you’re ready!

BYOM. Buy your own mug. :)

Engagement ring not included :)

If you love posing and smiling for the camera, then this one’s for you! Get a professional photographer (or get a friend with an SLR) to capture a shot with a note or banner saying “I said Yes!”

Do it on the day of or days after, and relive and remake the moment. Put on your stylish clothes and get that long-overdue manicure :)

ps- Take advantage of this moment. Most men usually don’t like to be in front of the camera. They will do it now because you just said YES. After the wedding, you’d have to bribe him to go to a photo shoot :)

Image courtesy of Bridal Intoxication

Unknown photographer, via StyleMePretty.

Image courtesy of Katie Counts of Make It Count Photography.

Some couples just want to be out of the spotlight. You can focus on the announcement and blur everything else if you’re camera shy. No need for make up, no need for stylish clothes! Make sure to make an easily read sign.

i said yes

Image courtesy of

This photo was done on the day the guy proposed.
It was disguised as a photo shoot so she was gorgeous in a cute dress and all made up when he proposed, with cameras ready to capture the moment. Perfect picture for a formal announcement.

engagement picture proposal Images courtesy of Anna K. Photography via StyleMePretty.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
official engagement photograph.


Image courtesy of Mario Testino.


Replicate the Prince’s and Kate’s regal engagement photo. No need to be a royal.
Showing the ring with the two of you is official enough to make both of you the king and queen of hearts!

See image at the right —>
for the copy cat engagement photo worthy of the royal couple status.

Image courtesy of Anna K. Photography.

The best way to announce your new ring? The perfect engagement selfie….via Instagram of course! Heck, if you look as beautiful as Liv Tyler, go ahead! Your friends and followers don’t want to miss a thing :) Image courtesy of Acornett‘s Instagram account.

If you’re feeling camera-shy or if you’re not into face selfies, you can just focus on the ring! Make sure you’ve got a nice manicure though :)

Image courtesy of Bethany Marie‘s Instagram account.

If you have a ring as gorgeous as this, pls. don’t be shy! Do you selfie, and brag about it. Your girlfriends will be jealous!

Kimberly Pesch instagram engagement ring selfie Image courtesy of Kimberly Pesch ‘s Instagram account.

Nothing’s more straight forward than announcing your future married name on a chalkboard sign! Show your fiancé how much you are excited to join his family :)

engagement announcement

Image by Brianna Record Photography

Image courtesy of Toni Lynn Photography

Love this! The most elegant engagement photo I’ve seen!
Who can go wrong with a classy black and white engagement ring photo? Image courtesy of Joy Marie Studios.

Are you old-school? Are you a social media hater and don’t have an instagram, twitter or facebook account? Then just make an engagement announcement in a unique way, the edible way! Announce it with some engagement announcement cookies! These engagement-inspired desserts look so yum and elegant they probably won’t it eat :)

Image courtesy of Caramel Cookie.

Image courtesy of Miss Biscuit.

Let them eat cupcakes!
What better way to announce your engagement than giving away engagement cupcakes ?!
Try not to feed the hungry ones as they might not even read your cupcake sign or topper :)

engagement cupcakes

Baked by TASHA RAMSAROOP. Images courtesy of PoppySeed Cakery.

Of course the best way to announce is to send an engagement announcement card, an elegant shout out for your friends and family, including the boring ones who are not social-media friendly! Send an engagement announcement card with or without your engagement photo! The most awesome way to announce though is to have an engagement party to celebrate the engagement announcement! And The Roche Shop has some uber chic engagement party invitations and engagement announcement cards to suit your style! Shop here.

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November 01, 2015

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