Baby registry gift guide

Here’s a Baby Registry Gift Guide to help you create your ultimate baby registry wish list.

1. Infant car seatRecaro infant car seat is the safest! Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is the best bang for your buck. We used Chicco KeyFit 30 just because Recaro didn’t have infant car seats 10 years ago.

2. Stroller – The best one is UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. (tried & tested!) See my review here. The best affordable stroller is the Chicco Bravo Travel System. Both compliment the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat.

3. Baby Bottles – I loved Playtex Baby Ventaire Bottles. Philips Avent Baby Bottles have been rated the best and the Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Gift Sets are a best-seller.

4. Breastfeeding Accessories Breast Pump + breast milk storage bags. Shop more Breastfeeding items here.

5. Crib – Check out all cribs from Amazon.

6. Crib mattress – Buy a 2-sided crib mattress to get ready for the toddler years. Soft side for infants & a firmer side for toddlers.

7. Fitted Crib Mattress Sheets – You need lots of Fitted Crib Mattress Sheets! There WILL BE lots for accidents and you will keep changing crib sheets. I used American Baby fitted crib sheets for my kids and loved the brand. Get the 3-pack, or mix & match colors! I see there’s Amazon Basics Fitted Crib Sheets now (I love their super soft bed sheets so I will surely love these too!…though I do not see tons of color choices as of 1/29/2019) and the Burt’s Bees baby fitted sheets look luxurious and comfy- perfect for the snotty I-will-only-buy-organic Mums :)

Centennial Chesapeake Classic Crib in Light Grey is my favorite!

8. Travel CribGraco Pack N’ Play Travel Cribs are a popular choice for travelers.

9. Bassinet – The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is a multi-use bassinet that is reversible as a diaper changer! Save space & money with this Graco Dream Suite Bassinet.

10. Portable CribDream On Me Portable Folding Crib is Amazon’s choice. The lightweight, space-saving 2 in 1 Portable Crib can be folded for storage or travel. Perfect for the on-the-go urban parents.

11. CradleDream On Me Rocking Cradle is an Amazon choice. This cradle will rock your baby (max 20lbs) to sleep gently. Dream On Me Rocking Cradle can be stationary. Don’t forget the cradle bed sheets.

12. SleeperSwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper or SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper are popular options for a comfortable & safe bed-sharing with your newborn. Both Sleepers allows you to bond with your baby at night- soothe, sing, touch or feed your baby – SwaddleMe Sleepers are made with loving parents in mind.

13. Waterproof Everything! I bought waterproof pads in different size for different uses for different locations. Not as important as other main items but saves time in washing bigger sheets. Expect whatever the baby is laying on to be wet & dirty all the time so get replacements for accidents or during laundry day. Babies are messy lil suckers :)

Waterproof Crib Mattress Protection – 
Waterproof Fitted Pack N Play Playard Protective Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Fitted Porta/Mini Crib Protective Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Multi-Use Pad Cover 2 pack
Waterproof Quilted Lap and Burp Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Bassinet Fitted Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Playard Changing Table Pads 2 pack



14. Changing Table – I used our master bathroom counter top as my changing station, just because our master bath was huge & had like 10′ of wasted countertop. I changed the poor architectural design to my advantage. The baby loved the mirror and I loved that the diaper bin was in the bathroom, and not in the nursery! You need a designated space for a  changing table if you don’t have extra countertop space. Choose your changing table style or shop all changing tables from Amazon Nursery to match your baby crib. My favorite design with an affordable price is this elegant Thomasville Kids Southern Dunes Dressing Table. Image below.

15. Changing Pad – Summer Infant Changing Pad is what I used and is still a  bestseller 10 years after. There is now a 4-sided changing pad for overprotective moms like me :)
16. Changing Pad Cover – Try to get same brand as your changing pad so they fit perfectly. Summer Infant Changing Pad Covers come in tons of designs.
17. Changing Pad Liners – Get this 6 pack Waterproof Changing Pad Liners so you can change as often as you like! A germophobe’s BFF:) Remember, this is where you change dirty diapers :)
18. Change Pad Gift Set – Give a Summer Infant Changing Gift Set & make the mom-to-be’s life easier & stress-free.  The Summer Infant 5-piece Changing Essentials Gift Set includes 1 change pad, 2 change pad covers, & 2 waterproof change pad protectors

15. Baby Dresser – If you have a huge nursery room and have money to spend, might as well use a double dresser as a changing table. Storage! Choose your a dresser style @Amazon to suit your room style. I love the Evolur Double Dresser Collection from Amazon! They come in different designs. (see images below)

Match with a…….

16. Changing Tray – If you went with this dresser, you will need this changing tray. Get this (21.5″ H x 45.7″W x 6″D) Evolur Changing Tray for your stylish dresser.


If you’re not picky, or in a budget, the boxy, simpler, ssmaller & cheaper no-fuss version is a better choice- DaVinci Universal Changing Tray (31.875″L x 16″W x 3″H).



Diaper Organizer – choose your Diaper Organizer / Diaper Caddy style & color. Shown below is the stylish, extra large Charles & Rose Diaper Caddy & Nursery Organizer made of durable felt. Reviews says it is sturdy & conventient for travel or 2-level homes.

Diaper Plastic Caddy – I used both the Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot & Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot because they were made of plastic. Easy to wash!

Diaper Hanging Storage – This standard Hiccapop Hanging Nursery Organizer is a bestseller.

I really don’t like the triangle designs (wasted upper space) but if you have to go get one, get the stylish ones. Diaper Stacker in Gold Dots & Coral Pink or the Diaper Stacker in Metallic Gold Dots and Mint.

Diaper Stacker – This Animal Diaper Stacker by Levtex Home has different fun animal designs.

21. Diaper pailPlaytex Genie is the ultimate diaper pail machine! The hands-free mechanism is perfect for germophobes! Buying the expensive refills is the worst part but very worth it because those bags are magic bags :) I first used Diaper Trend, if you’re looking for a great diaper pail that uses normal trash bags.

* START RANT * Pls. pls. pls. do NOT buy the $75 Ubbi. I was an architect and I’m a designer and I love to design. I’m a form-follows-function kinda mom and I love the colors & how it looks BUT I HATE everything about it!    * END RANT *

22. Don’t forget the Playtex Genie Refill Bags.
23. Wipe Warmer – 1 Prince LionHeart Wipe Warmer lasted me 2 babies! (3 years apart)
24. Disposable DiapersReusable cloth diapers – I used disposable Diapers of course :)
25. Baby wipes – Costco wipes are cheaper but I’ve compared both and Huggies wipes are thicker and better for the poop!
26. WeeBlocksPeePee Covers, PeePee TeePees, iPeeds, or whatever you call this magnificent Noble-prize-worthy invention! For new mommies with baby boys, these are funny at first, but you will realize this is seriously important……You’re welcome……LOL :)



27 Baby SoapAveeno Baby Wash or give the  Aveeno Bath Time Gift Set.
Shop all Aveeno Baby.

28 Baby LotionAveeno Baby Lotion or give the Aveeno Baby Essentials Gift Set.
Shop all Aveeno Baby.

29. Johnson’s Baby Oil

30. Diaper CreamDesitin Cream is the best! Don’t underestimated the magical powers of this Desitin tube :)

31. Baby SunscreenNeutrogena Baby Sunscreen

32. Baby ThermometerAnkovo Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer or buy from your local Costco.

33. Large tub of Aquaphor Healing Ointment -it’s a moisturizer & great for eczema, w/c most babies have.

34. Baby Health Care & Grooming Gift SetSafety 1st Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit. Great baby shower gift but I didn’t really use most of it except for the nail clippers & toothbrush :) There really is no need to comb their hair if there is no hair. Hmm- the cradle cap comb is new so that might be a good one! Babies have more cradle cap than hair! Just an FYI :) TIPS: Use the medicine droppers that come free with the medicines. Buy a separate thermometer as the one in here is a crappy one. Nail files. Why the heck would you file the baby’s nails???? The nose bulb syringe. Get the ones they used on your baby in the hospital. (and ask for extra :P) It’s the best one and it’s free! (well, you technically paid for it….it was probably $100 on your hospital bill that was paid by your medical insurance company…..hahhahahha) Anyway, it’s good to have a couple of things from the gift set and well, it’s cheaper to buy the whole set than buying them individually anyway so you might as well get the whole thing instead. In summary, it stayed in my cabinet 99.99% of my babies’ lives. Gave it to Goodwill almost new.




35. Check all Deluxe Baby Bouncers at Amazon. This  Fisher-Price Deluxe Baby Bouncer is a favorite.

36. Baby BouncerFisher-Price Baby Bouncer, smaller (& cheaper!) version of the deluxe above.

38. Baby Infant to Toddler Rocker – This is my favorite Fisher-Price Rocker thingy- because it’s fun & lasts for about 2 years or so! My kids loved this- from sleeping, to rocking, to reading, to just lounging around! I say this Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is a super must-have in your gift registry list. Check all Baby Rockers at Amazon.

37. Baby Gym Mat – Check all Baby Gym Mats. Get the Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Gym Mat or the affordable music-only Bright Starts Activity Gym. Fisher-Price Piano Gym Mat. Or go big w/ all the pastel bells & whistles with the Fisher-Price Safari Lights and Sound Gym Mat. Image below.

39. Baby Foam Play Tile Mats – For the parents who want their babies to be able to read by 6 months and graduate college by age 5- Baby ABC Foam tile Play Mats. I just want style. I just want my babies to see dots :)  LOL. Pink Polka Dots Foam Tile Mats. (and my babies turned out to be smart, just an FYI :) | Baby Foam Tile Mats with Fence…..because everyone deserves to go to the bathroom.

40. Baby Play Rug – Check all Baby Play Rugs 


42. Baby Lounger – Check all Baby Loungers. Boppy Newborn Lounger or this simple Cuddlie Baby Lounger & Co Sleeper

43. Nursing Pillow – Check all Nursing Pillows. Boppy Nursing Pillow started it all :) Love this nursing pillow slip cover!

43. Humidifier – Check all Humidifiers at Amazon. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier is a popular choice. My kids survived without this so I don’t think it’s that important. Sure, it moistens the air and helps them breathe but if you’re in a budget (like I was) then you don’t have to buy this.

44. Baby Monitor – Check all Baby Monitors at Amazon. Survived without this but would’ve loved to have had one during the busy, crazy days of my first Etsy shop. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a best-seller & award-winner!


45. Layette Gift Set (newborn clothes) – Give the mom-to-be the essential gift set that includes must-have essentials in every baby’s wardrobe! Includes onesies, bodysuits, sleep n’ plays, mittens, gowns, knit caps, socks, bibs, and burpcloths. Best brands are Gerber and Carter’s.

For girls- Gerber Baby Girls’ 19-Piece Essentials Gift Set or  Gerber Baby Girls’ 30-Piece Essentials Gift Set
Carter’s Baby Girls’ 15-Piece Basic Essentials Set
For boys- Gerber Baby Boys’ 19-Piece Essentials Gift Set or Gerber Baby Boys’ 30-Piece Essentials Gift Set or Carter’s Baby Boys’ 15-Piece Basic Essentials Set

Or mix and match your gift sets. Shop Gerber and Carter’s @ Amazon Baby.

Now if you’re going to a Gender Reveal baby shower, best one to give is the popular, gender-neutral, non-fading, white onesies! Buy the Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn 15 Piece Onesies Bundle In White, in “assorted months” sizes. (to the peeps w/o kids, this means sizes in 3, 6, 9 & 12 months. Before I had kids, I had no idea babies grew as fast as weed!)

46. Onesies – My favorite brand was Gerber. Though Carter’s and Circo (now Cloud Island) had more& cuter design choices (10 years ago), Gerber onesies were cheaper. Take note that Gerber runs smaller, so what I did was get the next size up for my babies. Some say Circo had best quality(fabric is much thicker), but then babies only wear them for about 3 months. Here’s a forum on which is the best onesie from The Bump.

47. Sleep N’ Plays– Again, I’m a Gerber fan :) Don’t forget to buy the next size up!

48. Mittens

49. Baby Socks

50. Baby Shoes – Babies do not walk yet so pls don’t gift them baby shoes! This link is for people who do NOT listen :)

51. Gowns

52. Caps

53. BibsGerber white bib pack or Green Sprouts colored bib 10-pack.

54. Baby blankets for girls | Baby blankets for boys

55. Swaddling blankets – A baby gift registry fave is SwaddleMe, the original swaddle blankets.

56. Bibs10 pack bibs from Green Sprouts Bibs.

57. Towel and Washcloth Set – Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boy Towel and Washcloth SetSimple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girl Towel and Washcloth Set

58. Washcloths – Baby Muslin Washcloths by Mukin or Spasilk Soft Terry Washcloths

59. Hooded Baby Bath Towels by Carter’s

60. Baby Toys – Teething ToysBall Toys | Stacking Toys | Musical Toys | Rattle Toys | Building Blocks | Shape Sorter Toys

Bath Toys | Baby Crib Mirrors | Push & Pull Toys | VTech Toys


29. Diaper Bag – Shop all Diaper Bags from Amazon. It just depends on your style, really. I chose a black patented leather from Babies R’ Us, (I splurged!!!!!)
because I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t look like a diaper bag (common, I was single and stylish for yearssss! LOL) and I don’t like back packs. Bottom line is, you need to choose a large waterproof bag that has tonssss of pockets! There are now pockets that has insulation for your milk, that is a plus. My diaper bag is still alive and now looks like a normal (but shiny!) travel bag for my kids, esp, when we’re pool-bound! I’d say that was a great diaper bag purchase! Yes, I am patting myself in my back right now :)

16. Baby Carrier – The Boba Baby Wrap Carrier for the modern mom and Infantino Baby Carrier for the old-school design.

THE MUST-NOT-HAVE LIST – You can almost, just almost, forget about this list :)


Pacifiers – When I was single and clueless with babies, I saw my friend’s baby with a pacifier. I thought there was milk in them coz the baby would cry without it. My friends laughed at me. LOL. After that, I hate seeing babies with pacifiers. I think they make babies look ugly so I didn’t use them for my babies. When babies cry, do you give a pacifier or will you hug them? No brainer :) But if you must, many hospitals recommend Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers. Buy a bunch because these suckers always end up on the floor :)

Baby Keepsakes – For parents-to-be who has everything.

Rocking Chair – Didn’t like the idea (and the look) of Rocking Chairs so I said no on this. But this rocker with ottoman is highly recommended by Amazon buyers. Go for it if you have the money, or the extra corner in your room.

Baby Walkers – I didn’t use walkers because I read about the dangers of it but some parents still think it’s important. I used this a Baby Walking Harness instead, around age 1.

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