The Baby Registry Gift Guide

Here’s a complete Baby Registry Gift Guide to help you create your ultimate baby registry wish list.

1. Infant car seat – Get the other stuff last but this one first! We had to learn the hard way….We actually bought this THE DAY OF when I got checked in the hospital (early unexpected labor) because the Giggle branch we usually go to didn’t have the color I wanted. (Yes, I am picky!) You can’t leave the hospital without a infant car seat. (rule #1 for new parents!) We chose Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat  because it can go into the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. Recaro infant car seat is the safest and would have bought it even if it didn’t fit the UPPAbaby Stroller but Recaro didn’t have infant car seats 10 years ago.

2. Stroller – The best one is UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. (tried & tested!) It compliments the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. Our  UPPAbaby Stroller survived 2 kids, every poop, every vomit, and all the crumbs that have molded to almost beyond recognition. I never used a grocery shopping cart for years- as this stroller has a humongous storage below it. All the other strollers were just copycats :) I was disappointed when my 2nd baby outgrew our UPPAbaby Stroller. Hello, shopping cart germs!

For budget-friendly options- the best affordable stroller is the Chicco Bravo Travel System. It includes the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat.

Feeding Essentials


5. Crib – I had a hand-me-down but shop all cribs from Amazon to start designing your nursery.

6. Crib mattress – Buy a 2-sided crib mattress to get ready for the toddler years. Firm side for infants.

7. Fitted Crib Mattress Sheets – Buy tons of Crib Mattress Sheets because you will keep changing sheets. I used American Baby crib sheets because of the softness. I see there’s Amazon Basics Crib Sheets now (their bed sheets are awesome!…though I do not see tons of color choices for crib sheets) and the Burt’s Bees crib sheets look luxurious – perfect for the snotty I-will-only-buy-organic Mums :) It’s a best-seller with 5-star reviews! Fitted crib sheets are all you need. Do NOT buy pillows & bumpers. NOT safe!

Centennial Chesapeake Classic Crib in Light Grey is my favorite!

10. Portable CribDream On Me Portable Folding Crib is Amazon’s choice. The space-saving Portable Crib can be folded for storage or travel. 

11. CradleDream On Me Haven Cradle (& cradle bed sheets) is an Amazon choice. This cradle will rock your baby to sleep or be stationary. 

12. SleepersSwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper or Baby Delight Bedside Me Bedside Sleeper – for a more comfortable & safer bed-sharing with your newborn. Both Sleepers allow you to bond with your baby at night- soothe, touch or feed your baby – Bedside sleepers are made with heavy sleepers loving parents in mind.

8. Travel CribGraco Pack N’ Play Travel Dome Playard includes portable bassinet, full size bassinet, diaper changer & of course, the playard. This Graco Pack N’ Play Travel Dome Playard is convenient for traveling on-the-go families. Graco Pack N’ Play Travel Dome Playard is another infant to toddler gift.

8. PlayardsGraco Pack N’ Play Anywhere Dreamer Playard includes a portable bassinet that becomes a tummy time mat, diaper changer & of course, the playard. This Graco Pack N’ Play Anywhere Dreamer Playard is for on-the-go families. Another great baby registry gift perfect from infant to toddler!

8. BassinetGraco Sense2Snooze Bassinet has cry detection technology. This Graco Bassinet has vibration, music, soothing sounds & motions. All included with the extra price of this Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet :) 

9. Bassinet – The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is a multi-use bassinet that is reversible as a diaper changer! Save space & money with this Graco Dream Suite Bassinet.

8. Travel CribGraco Pack N’ Play On The Go Playard are a popular choice for travelers.

9. Bassinet – The Halo Bassinest is the best bassinet on all online reviews! Halo Bassinest has a swivel feature & adjustable height. 

9. Playard – The Joovy 2 Playard is the mother of all playards! This Joovy Playard  is humongous- way bigger than other playards – and you can do your chores without worrying about your baby playing in the Joovy 2 Playard! Can also be folded for travel.

8. Travel DomeFisher Price On The Go Baby Dome are a popular choice for adventurous families. This new Fisher Price On The Go Baby Dome can be used indoors or outdoors. Fold flat if not in use.

13. Waterproof Everything! AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!!!!! I bought waterproof pads in different sizes, for different uses, for different locations. Not only will your baby rain on your parade, they will spit, vomit, pee & shit on it too.  Just an FYI, babies poop have the soft serve kind- the one that melts in your……

Waterproof Crib Mattress Protection  
Waterproof Fitted Pack N Play Playard Protective Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Fitted Porta/Mini Crib Protective Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Multi-Use Pad Cover 2 pack
Waterproof Quilted Lap and Burp Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Bassinet Fitted Mattress Pad Cover
Waterproof Quilted Playard Changing Table Pads 2 pack

Too expensive for you??? Then put saran wrap on everything! Including your dog and cat’s fur! The Cheerios & Fruity Loops will slide off the fur, but the rest….they will harden on the fur. LOL. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn yah!!!

(rule # 13.999382 – delay on buying anything expensive! hahahaha)



14. Changing Table – I used our master bathroom counter top as my changing station, just because our master bath was huge & had like 10′ of wasted countertop. (do some women really need these much space for makeup???!) The poor architectural design became my free marble-top changing table! Baby loved the mirror and I loved that the diaper bin was in the bathroom, and not in the nursery! If you don’t have extra countertop space or have no budget, any dresser/table will do. It’s just the changing tables they sell have this “railing” all around so babies don’t fall off. Made for moms who don’t pay attention :) Shop all changing tables from Amazon Nursery to match your baby crib. My  fave design with an affordable price is this Thomasville Southern Dunes Dressing Table.          Image at right >

15. Changing Pad – Summer Infant Changing Pad is still a bestseller 10 years after. There is now a 4-sided changing pad for overprotective moms like me :)

15. Changing Mat – New Summer Infant Changing Mat 2-in-1 convertible design allows changing pad to become a changing mat.

16. Changing Pad CoverSummer Infant Changing Pad Covers come in tons of designs to match with your baby’s distinct poop smell :)

17. Changing Pad Liners – Get this 6 pack Waterproof Changing Pad Liners. A germophobe’s BFF:)

18. Change Pad Gift Set – Give a Summer Infant Changing Gift Setincludes 1 change pad, 2 change pad covers, & 2 waterproof change pad protectors

15. Baby Dresser – If you have a huge nursery room and have money to spend, might as well use a double dresser as a changing table. Storage! Choose your a dresser style at Amazon to suit your nursery style. I love the Evolur Double Dresser Collection from Amazon! They come in different designs. (see images below)

Match with a…….

16. Changing Tray – If you went with this dresser, you will need this changing tray. Get this (21.5″ H x 45.7″W x 6″D) Evolur Changing Tray for your stylish dresser.


If you’re not picky, or in a budget, the boxy, simpler, smaller & cheaper no-fuss version is a better choice- DaVinci Universal Changing Tray This changing tray comes in different colors.



Diaper Organizer – choose your Diaper Organizer / Diaper Caddy style & color. Shown below is the stylish, extra large Charles & Rose Diaper Caddy & Nursery Organizer made of durable felt. Sturdy & convenient.

Diaper Plastic Caddy – These were what I used. I used both the Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot & Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot because they were made of plastic. Easy to wash!

Diaper Hanging Storage – This standard Hiccapop Hanging Nursery Organizer is a bestseller.

I really don’t like the triangle designs (wasted upper space) but if you have to go get one, get the stylish ones. Diaper Stacker in Gold Dots & Coral Pink or the Diaper Stacker in Metallic Gold Dots and Mint.

Diaper Stacker – This Animal Diaper Stacker by Levtex Home has different fun animal designs.

Playtex Diaper Genie above. Image by By Jen Rose‘s blog. 

21. Diaper pail – I first used Diaper Trend, (liked it!) if you’re looking for a great diaper pail that uses normal trash bags. But I finally gave in and bought a Playtex Diaper Genie! The  Playtex Genie is the ultimate diaper pail machine! The hands-free mechanism is perfect for germophobes! Buying the expensive refills is the worst part but VERY WORTH IT because those bags are magical :)  The Playtex Diaper Genie now comes in white & 4 pastel colors. Lucky new moms :) 


Pls do NOT buy the $79 Ubbi. I was an architect & still a designer. I’m all about pretty and these are no doubt the prettiest diaper pail there is- and that’s about it! That is it. I bought the grey one. I didn’t care about the price, as long as it’s pretty! And boy does this pail stink! Literally and figuratively. You have to touch the lid to open it. If you’re a germophobe like me, this is a lot of work to keep us sane. (long story of sanitizing) Odor leaks a little when closed but and it will be wreck havoc once you open the lid. The worst part is- When it’s time to throw the bag- the sharp lid will rip your bag if there are multiple diapers inside. Imagine a bag of poop ripped off????

Someone responded to my review on Amazon- to just throw the bag outside bin after putting 1 or 2 dirty diapers in…..but hello??!!! Why the F*ck am I buying an expensive diaper pail? I might as well buy an expensive normal decorative trash can from The Container Store! LOL ….This made me go back to Playtex Genie! Also, the lid is sharp and toddler can actually open it even when locked (my todder is smart), the interior rusts…… and much more. I HATE everything about it!

Check out all their negative reviews here. The positive reviews baffles me. They probably got a free Ubbi pail to review. LOL

*  END RANT  *


22. Don’t forget the Playtex Genie Refill Bags.
23. Wipe Warmer – 1 Prince LionHeart Wipe Warmer lasted me 2 babies! 
24. Disposable Diapers / Reusable cloth diapers – I used disposable Diapers, of course. Pampers Swaddlers. If you love trees, go right ahead- order cloth diapers here

25. Baby wipes – Costco wipes are cheaper but Huggies wipes are thicker and better for the poop!
26. WeeBlocksPeePee Covers, PeePee TeePees, iPeeds, or whatever you call this magnificent Noble-prize-worthy invention! For new mommies with baby boys, these are funny at first, but you will realize this is seriously important………………………You’re welcome……LOL :)



27 Baby SoapAveeno Baby Wash or give the  Aveeno Bath Time Gift Set.
Shop all Aveeno Baby.

28 Baby LotionAveeno Baby Lotion or give the Aveeno Baby Essentials Gift Set.
Shop all Aveeno Baby.

29. Johnson’s Baby Oil

30. Diaper CreamDesitin Cream is the best! Don’t underestimated the magical powers of this baby butt cream :)

31. Baby SunscreenNeutrogena Baby Sunscreen

32. Baby ThermometerInfrared Forehead Thermometer or buy from your local Costco.

33. Large tub of Aquaphor Healing Ointment -it’s a moisturizer & great for eczema, w/c most babies have.

34. Baby Health Care & Grooming Gift SetSafety 1st Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit. I didn’t really use most of it except for the nail clippers & toothbrush. There really is no need to comb their hair if there is no hair. The cradle cap comb is new so that might be a good one! (I gave birth to a cradle cap BLOB with a baby! hahaha) TIPS: Use the medicine droppers that come free with the pain medicines. Buy a separate baby thermometer as the one in here is a crappy one. Nail files. Why the heck would you file the baby’s nails???? The nose bulb syringe. Get the ones they used on your baby in the hospital. (GET=meaning take it home with you…..and ask for extra :P) It’s the best one and it’s free! (well, not really. You technically paid for it….it was probably $100 on your hospital bill that was paid by your geedy medical insurance company…..hahhaha) Anyway, it’s good to have a couple of things from the gift set and well, it’s cheaper to buy the whole set than buying them individually for $5 each anyway.




35. Check all Deluxe Baby Bouncers at Amazon. This Fisher-Price Deluxe Baby Bouncer is a favorite.

36. Baby Bouncer – The original-style bouncer w/ vibrating mode. The smaller (& cheaper!) version of the deluxe above. Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer.  

37. Baby Bouncer V2 – Sleek look for bouncing & calming vibrations for extra soothing. Check all Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer at Amazon.

38. Infant To Toddler Rocker
Check all Baby Rockers / Infant to Toddler Rockers at Amazon.

My favorite Baby Rocker thingy
because it’s fun & lasts for about 2 years or so! My kids loved this- from sleeping, to rocking, to reading or just lounging around! This Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is a super must-have in your gift registry list. The pink Infant to Toddler Rocker is the newer version & the blue Infant to Toddler Rocker below is the older version. (still available HERE

39. Deluxe Infant To Toddler Rocker – The Fisher Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Rocker is the fancier version of the Infant To Toddler Rocker above, with more bells & whistles. All the same except for a few inches bigger/wider, a canopy and it has adjustable seatback with 3-position incline and can be easily folded for storage & travel. Basically, just a grander baby gift than the other.

Tummy Time Essentials

40. Baby Gym Mat – Check all Baby Gym Mats. Tummy time, play time, crawl time! Go big w/ the Bentley of all Baby Gym Mats (for $99) with this extra large & extra cushiony 39″x 37″ Fisher-Price Safari Dreams Music & Lights Gym Mat that has a light up canopy. Image below.

41. Baby Gym Mat – Get the smaller and more affordable 30″x 32″ Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Gym Mat for the jungle-loving baby or round, modern-ish 36″ Skip Hop Treetop Friends Play Mat. The best one is the 32″x 34″ Fisher-Price Perfect Sense Deluxe Gym Mat. Image below. All are in the $59 range. Check all Baby Gym Mats for all design options.

44. Baby MirrorSassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror – It’s a good baby mirror for tummy time, but I also used this inside the crib & kept my baby busy for hours! They were mesmerized with their reflection. This Sassy Baby Mirror is a great buy! LOL

45. Tummy Time Water Play Mat – This is new! Was not sold during my time but seems to be a hit right now.


39. Baby Foam Play Tile Mats – For the parents who want their babies to be able to read by 6 months and graduate college by age 5- Baby ABC Foam tile Play Mats. I just want style. I just want my babies to see dots :)  LOL. Pink Polka Dots Foam Tile Mats. (and my babies turned out to be smart, just an FYI :)

39a. Or this awesome option of adding a fence……Baby Play Mat Foam Tiles with Fence…..because everyone deserves to go to the bathroom.

41. Baby Lounger – Check all Baby Loungers. Boppy Newborn Lounger or this highly-rated high-quality super soft Snuggle Me Infant Lounger

43. Nursing PillowBoppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner. Boppy Nursing Pillow started it all :) Love this nursing pillow slip cover! Perfect for the Boho chic moms-to-be! Baby not included :)

43. Humidifier – Check all Humidifiers at Amazon. Pure Enrichment is Amazon’s Choice. My kids survived without a humidifier but this moistens the air and helps them breathe, as per other moms.  ( my kids are still alive, just an FYI! :) ).

44. Baby Monitor – Check all Baby Monitors at Amazon. I survived 2 babies without a baby monitor (you can too!) Well, my original home office was in the baby room and my babies/toddlers/kids went with me everywhere I went. My babies were in the baby bouncer in the bathroom, while I was in the shower! BUT- I would’ve loved to have had a baby monitor during the busiest of days! Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor with night vision is a best-seller!


I got a lot of hand-me-downs from my family and I highly recommend it because babies only wear clothes for about 3 months. After that, it goes to Goodwill or gets handed down again. But if you have tons to spare or not much but want to waste money anyway, shop away :)

45. Layette Gift Set – Give the mom-to-be the essential baby shower gift that includes must-have essentials in every baby’s wardrobe! Includes onesies, bodysuits, sleep n’ plays, mittens, gowns, knit caps, socks, bibs, and burpcloths. Popular brands are Gerber and Carter’s.

Shop Amazon- Gerber Baby Girls’ 19-Pc Gift Set or Gerber Baby Girls’ 30-Pc Gift Set if you’re feeling generous :)

Shop Amazon- Gerber Baby Boys’ 19-Pc Gift Set or Gerber Baby Boys’ 30-Pc Gift Set if you’re feeling generous :)

Shop Macy’s for Baby GIRL Clothes  |  Shop Macy’s for Baby BOY Clothes  |  UNISEX Newborn Clothes

46. OnesiesMy favorite onesie brand was Gerber. Though Carter’s & Circo (now Cloud Island) had more design choices, Gerber was way cheaper. Gerber‘s fabric was also softer. Take note that Gerber onesies run smaller, so get the next size up. So if you’re buying a size 3-6 mos at Carter’s, you need a 6-9 mos at Gerber. 

If you’re going to a Gender Reveal baby shower, best one to give is the bright & white Gerber onesies! Buy the Gerber Newborn 15 Piece Onesies Bundle, in “assorted months” sizes. (to the newbie moms, this means sizes in 3, 6, 9 & 12 months. Before I had kids, I had no idea babies grew so much faster than weed!)

59. BABY ROMPERS. If you or anyone you know is having a girl (or boy :) ), get these baby girl rompers below from Firsts Impressions at Macy’s! Not essential because it is NOT practical. I repeat. NOT essential. BUT very very cute! So buy them!!!! LOL. They don’t make sense because babies’ first few months are sleeping & eating & pooping (say that again 1000 times) and getting hugged so this is probably for Christmas or Easter when all the Aunts & Grammies are drooling over the bassinet, and for those monthly photo sessions. So if you are in a budget, skip this & buy diapers instead. They’re sooo beautiful you might just want to have your own baby girl……feline, human or extraterrestrial hybrid, the choice is totally up to you :) 



61. Diaper Bag – Choose your style, shop all Diaper Bags from Amazon. Check out these JJ Cole Diaper Bags. I chose a black patented leather (I splurged!!!!!) because I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t look like a diaper bag (c’mmon, I was single & stylish for years! LOL) & I hate patterns, animals & backpacks. Bottom line is, you need an Xlarge waterproof bag that has tons of pockets! (insulation is a plus). My diaper bag is still alive and now looks like a normal (but shiny!) travel bag for my kids, esp, when we’re pool-bound! I’d say that was my greatest baby purchase! Yes, I’m giving myself a glitter trophy :)

62.  Baby Travel Bag – I don’t like travelling with babies, it’s just doing all these yukky no-fun baby stuff- just in a different location! LOL. But if you must…..get the 3 in 1 Scuddles Portable Changing Station-Foldable Baby Bed-Diaper Bag, easy folding perfect for travel!

63. Formula DispenserAvent Formula Dispenser. These became snack cups during their toddler years.
64. Baby Bottle Warmer – This Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer is an Amazon favorite. While this Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer is a bestseller- great for warming it up fast, charged in the car.
65. Insulated Baby Bottle BagSkip Hop Insulated Baby Bottle Bag
66. Baby Car MirrorShynerk Baby Car Mirror is perfect for your rear-facing infant
67.  Car Seat Protector – Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector
by Munchkin is a best-seller!

68. Car OrganizerBackseat Car Organizer & Kick Mat
69. Baby on Board Sign – OK. You are not officially a parent if you do not have this Baby on Board decal hanging on your car window! so have this on your baby gift registry list Safety 1st “Baby On Board” Sign– It is also an announcement to get as far away as possible from you, if you are a terrible driver :)

69. Portable Changing StationSkip Hop Portable Diaper Changing Station is a portable changing mat with pockets for diaperswipes.
. Portable Changing Mat – Sigzagor Portable Changing Mat is pretty.
71. Travel Wipe Dispenser OXO Tot On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser
72. Diaper Bag Dispenser – Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser.
64. Baby Carrier – The Infantino Baby Carrier for the old-school boring-to-the-max design. It’s a best-seller though.  Go figure! (maybe designed by a dad, intended for dads???! hahaha) I did use this- well, just because it was a hand-me-down! But I did not use it a lot because it hurt my back. (my babies were giants for some reason! born almost 10 lbs. hahaha) I must admit, this baby carrier looks & feels safer than the baby wrap below, but…..#FashionFirst……I’m kidding of course.

64. The Baby Wrap is for the stylish mom! The cotton Boba Baby Wrap Carrier is a best-seller while the luxurious striped 100% micromodal Tuck and Bundle Baby Wrap is my favorite! If you’re wearing an ugly sweater, (or an ugly baby :) ) hide it with this uber stylish Tuck and Bundle Baby Wrap :)

ps- No, that is not me above. I just love this Tuck and Bundle Baby Wrap mommy photo, it needed a huge space of its own! Credit goes to the photographer! (and to the person who edited the photo who used an awesome preset/action BTW!…..who may or may not be the photographer :) ) Pls comment below if it’s you :)

………….BUT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You can almost, just almost, forget about this list :) If you have time to laugh, read on!


Baby Shoes – Babies do not walk yet so pls. pls. pls. do NOT gift them baby shoes! It’s a waste of everything! This link is for people who do NOT listen :)

………..I told yah! LOL

Pacifiers – When I was single and clueless with babies, I saw my friend’s baby with a pacifier. I thought there was milk in them coz the baby would cry without it. My friends laughed at me. LOL. After that, I hate seeing babies with pacifiers. I think they make babies look ugly so I didn’t use them for my babies. When babies cry, do you give a pacifier or will you hug them? No brainer :) But if you must, many hospitals recommend Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers. Buy a bunch because these suckers always end up on the floor :) 

Baby Keepsakes – Here’s a Baby’s Memory Book. But the best baby keepsakes are taking pictures of them. All. The. Time. Every smile, every dreamy smirk, every laugh, every fart :) I had pictures of their monthly birthdays, complete with cake & balloons! Anyway, that footprint on clay is useless and that 7D image looks like either a baby dreaming on a nightmare on Elm St. or its baby Freddie Kreuger himself. 

Rocking Chair – I didn’t like the idea & look of Rocking Chairs. But this 

Emma Rocking Chair by Delta is so chic! Shop all Delta Rocking Chairs!  Go for it if you have the money, or the extra corner in your room, or if you are not creeped out looking at a rocking chair rocking on its own at 2am :) 

Baby Walkers – I didn’t use walkers because I read about the dangers of it! I used this Baby Walking Harness instead, at age 1. Woops…..I’m lying, I practiced them at age 2. hahaha. You know, once they start walking, your life is practically over!….NO SHIT…..I’m not lying.


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